Our Philosophy

At Christ Church Stockport we seek to be:


Biblically faithful

We believe the scriptures are God breathed, living and active. As such they are to be read, expounded, taught and obeyed. The word of God is our highest authority in all matters of faith and behaviour as it points us to Christ and calls us to sit at his feet in discipleship. We will be a church who are saturated in the Word.


Gospel Driven

The heart of the Christian faith is the message that Jesus Christ has come to save sinners from the wrath of God by dying in their place as a substitutionary atonement and by bestowing upon them his righteousness. This undeserved favour is received though both repentance and faith. As such we must be a church who calls people to turn from sin, and a church that demonstrates how Christ is the only worthy rock in whom to put our faith.


Prayerfully Dependent

Prayer is vital to our relationship with God. We aim to depend on God through regular, disciplined and spontaneous, corporate and individual prayer.


Fellowship Focused

Christians are not saved into isolation but to work out their discipleship within the community and fellowship of God’s church family. As such we will be a local church that walks with one another in corporate worship and discipleship.


Missionally Minded

As the Lord Jesus commands us to “go” we will seek to disciple, disciples who bring all their gifts together to make disciples. Local, regional, national and global mission will remain constantly on our agenda. Our structures, teaching, training, prayers, and budgets are all shaped toward us being a missional church.


Community Loving

God is a generous God of love who calls us to love our neighbour. We actively seek ways to generously love the people of Stockport, through acts of service, mercy and partnership.


Culturally Accessible

Whilst the message and content of the Gospel must never change the presentation and communication of the Gospel needs to be relevant and accessible in order for it to be heard, understood
and believed. We will work
hard to get the aesthetics, presentation, and culture of the church right in order to clearly and relevantly communicate the Gospel.


Purposefully Multiplying

Christ’s church is his given means 
of mission to the world. As such we want to be a Church who are intentional in both planting new and revitalising existing churches specifically throughout the North of England both through sending from our own number and supporting other Gospel projects.