Our Plan

Our vision is to grow a healthy, large, active church in the centre of Stockport. We want to be made up of people who live and work in and around the town centre, but also from those who travel into the centre from the suburbs. Our hope is that over time we might plant churches back into those suburbs and beyond.

We want to grow a network of interdependent churches who stand united in taking the Gospel to Stockport, South Manchester and the North of England. We want to be a sending church and so our prayer is that within five years we will plant another church somewhere else in Stockport.

Our strategy for growth is one of discipleship. We believe that as Christians are taught, modelled and encouraged toward Christ likeness then this will by definition lead them to imitate Christ in personal and corporate mission. The primary responsibility for mission does not lie in our events or our ministries but in the whole church family working together with their diverse gifts to reach other people.